I consider myself to be a gentleman scientist, by which I mean an amateur with broad but limited education and experience in many spheres. I have primary degrees in Computer Science and Psychology. I have Masters degrees in Cognitive Science and Machine Learning. I spent over 40 years in IT and started programming with punch cards and recently programmed a Quantum computer.

As a scientist, I believe that it is important to be sceptical and to question even basic assumptions. Of course, grumpy old men share this trait.

During my study of quantum programming, I was reminded that there are no negatives in the real world. This lead me to question whether negative numbers should be part of our number systems.

This blog represents my research into negative numbers.  

I did not feel it was  enough to just knock negative numbers as they have served us well. I decided to investigate what a number system might look like without negative numbers. Check out the website www.wavenumbers.com for my attempt at a number system without negative numbers.